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Why choose us, the SMALL BUSINESS SEO from the UK?

Because we're Ethical... Established... and Affordable!

Do you want your site to be found as easily as mine?
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Unless you want to know more... in which case, here's why you need my SEO Services!

First of all, unlike other UK SEO companies, I don't ask for a huge sum of money up front.

Instead we do business on a monthly pay-as-you-go-basis, effectively operating a rolling contract, with my invoicing on the 1st of the month and expecting payment within 7 days. There's no formal contract so if you want to terminate my services you can do so at any time.

Pricing starts from just £250pcm.

Why is it you need SEO?

Help from the right SEO company can elevate your e-Business into continuing profit. Kruse Internet Services, long established here in the UK, ethical and trustworthy will handle all of your internet marketing. You focus your time on what you do best; running your business. I've been helping clients develop and implement online marketing strategies for over fifteen years. My speciality is the provision of cost-effective and most of all affordable SEO solutions to small and medium businesses.

How do we go about it? Well, you could simply tell me you're happy to spend X a month and let me get on with it (min 249pcm), or you could choose from among the following SEO packages;

  • On-Page SEO Package
  • Links Package
  • Competition Analysis Package
  • General Optimisation Package
  • Keyword Research Package

General Optimisation SEO Package

General advice and implementation such as setting up the site with Google Webmaster Tools (Bing too these days), checking every month to see what site amendments these services recommend and implementing them, advice re submission to major directories where appropriate, internal link checking, new content checking, spell-checking... general SEO advice and implementation, mixing and matching from the above packages. This is the basic SEO package everybody needs! £249pcm.

The On-Page Code Optimisation Package

Covers work including optimising your title and meta description tags, your H1, H2 tags, developing and implementing an internal linking strategy, reducing your code to the bare minimum necessary where possible, reworking the remaining code so it validates... and on, and on... £249pcm.

Back-Links Package

Covers getting links to your site from major directories all the way through to simple blog comment links, forum mentions, minor or vertical directory listings and links from other niche sites, some using the site's primary secondary or tertiary key phrases and generic terms like 'click here' or 'website' as anchor text where possible or some simply using the domain. £249pcm. Please note; cost of submission to paid inclusion directories like Best of the Web is not included. I recommend it though. The UK version is fine for those in this country.

Competition Analysis SEO Package

Covers one-by-one analysis of competitors' back-links. What keeps them up there? Who links to them? Were they spammed into place and have grown respectable since as their good content means quality sites have linked to them after they were spammed into visibility? What percentage of links to them have which anchor text, are coming from sites with related key terms in their domain names, in the linking page titles, in the linking page texts, what Page Rank they have, whether they get their links from the UK or elsewhere... we'll find all this out and more with a view to duplicating and superceding their link profiles. £249pcm.

Keyword Research Package.

This is the heart of the machine. There's no point optmising your site and ranking well for obscure terms no-one's searching for. You're going to need keyword research more than anything else, it's the foundation upon which all our efforts will be built. You need interested customers to find your site and to achieve that we need to identify what they're looking for on the web and then give it to them by building - rebuilding if necessary - your site around it. That's why you need keyword research. £249pcm.

Interested? Apply for my affordable small business SEO services here or just call 020-8224-5976

SEO Testimonials

"very informative and unlike many other companies that I had spoken to, they did not request unrealistic amounts of expenditure up front"

"Kruse Internet Services have added value to our site in other ways and know what to look out for"

"If you are a small or medium sized business, I would definitely recommend Kruse Internet Services to oversee your SEO needs"

"very comprehensive report which was both extremely informative and excellent value for money"

"incredibly helpful in bringing our website to the fore front of Google's listings"

"tailored a package to suit our company needs"

"expertise and professional website consultancy is second to none"

"no hesitation in recommending Kruse Internet Services to anyone who owns a website!"

So, if you've got a small business web site and it's going nowhere, I'll be able to tell you why and what we can do about it. Some of the SEO I can usually do on my own once I'm granted FTP (editing) access. For some I'll need to liaise with your designer/developers. Some SEO work I'll need to have information from you for, product descriptions and photos, etc. Text content from yourselves is also helpful, no matter you might feel it's badly written. Pick up your pen and have a go. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare - just go and do whatever you can, it gives me something to work with and that's what we'll need.





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