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Internet Marketing Software Review

Reviews of the Best Internet Marketing Software

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Internet Marketing Software Review

Do-it-all internet marketing tools & software reviewed


You want to know what I use as my do-it-all SEO software toolkit? I USE WEBCEO! Click on the banner and take a look.

Web CEO Online SEO Toolkit

SEO Elite

SEO Elite has to be just about the best competitive analysis-type SEO software I've seen anywhere. Ever. Bear in mind I've seen some and then a few more. To get you going, there's a whole series of instructional videos, closely followed by a series of lessons in basic SEO (which many could use, judging by the nonsense I read on the forums). The internet marketing industry has very much taken to this tool, and I will personally verify IMHO it's more than worth the asking price. Here's the link again, SEO Elite. My advice? Buy it! I did and I don't regret it - remember, I don't recommend anything I don't use myself and I use this routinely. Day-to-day tasks that used to take me hours now take only minutes, leaving me valuable time to be using the SEO experience I've gained over the past decade and more. It does the grunt work, pure and simple.

Some other SEO Software you might try


IBP - Internet Business Promoter

IBP graphic


IBP Adwords Advice

IBP ebook graphic


Commercial Keyword Tools


Good like the others, say Wordze or Keyword Country, are good but, like the others, you'll really have to go through the (multiple) features and check it out for yourself. I will say in its favour, though, something that does distinguish it from the others is that founder Jim Morris does do a rattling good newsletter. I subscribe to it myself and the very fact that you're here, I believe, establishes my SEO credentials. I read this guy's stuff every month. Nichebot.

Buyer Keywords Generator

The idea behind this is there are two kinds of searchers, one who looks for information and the second who have made up their mind and are looking to buy something specific. These people will use a different more focussed set of keywords and phrases. The guys over at Buyer Keywords Generator reckon they've got a handle on those phrases. I haven't used this myself (not enough hours in the day to do everything) but I do hear good reports of it. There are videos available (free ones) that I hear are really good. You may well learn a lot just from watching them. Buyer Keywords Generator. Check it out now.

Keyword Elite 2 - the new version!

Brad Callen's very latest offering. Brad has a very sound marketing background that he leverages fully in the design and execution of his softwares. I find all that marketing off-putting myself but I have to say once you can get past it to the product, well... I finally got SEO Elite and I use it all the time now. I've no doubt that for many Keyword Elite 2 will be a worthwhile investment.


Wordze up! I gave it a go and I like it! I suppose it could be because it's a change from the others. It does its job well and it seems as accurate as any of the others. Worth the subs, I'd say. Usefully, they do a Competitor Analysis video, a keyword research video, either or both of which might convince you to subscribe

Keyword Country

Rather more than just the Adsense Keyword Research Engine, these days, they say, there's PPC Keyword Research and the SEO Keyword Research Tool as well! You should spend time with Keyword Country to get the flavour of the various offerings, in my view.

SEO Administrator

Page Rank checker

Very useful. I've used standard settings throughout, and they give me plenty to think about. You get the top ten for your specified search term, presented in a table, I went for SEO UK in Google Yahoo MSN and DMOZ. The results you get back are handy as from left to right you get the url, PR, back links in Google, Yahoo, MSN and whether it's in DMOZ, and the title text. All this is very useful but I have to say the software doesn't pick up each of the title tags, three were left blank and I checked on-site with each and they were present, so a little more work to do there. I think the principal use for this tool is as a quick check for comparison of your back links and PR with your main competitors and that it does very well. As well, results, which can be compared with displays of earlier results, may be exported into Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML (!), plain old text or packed off to the printer. I'm a fan of PDF myself but, fortunately, on my home set-up the print option gives me the opportunity to send it to my pdf converter, a must for everyone who now and then has to sit in front of a boardroom and say "Now if you'd please turn to section 3...."

Ranking Monitor

Much of a muchness, as all these inevitably are. You ask it to check the engines for where you are for certain terms, it goes off and checks then comes back and displays the results. What's different here is that you have the option of showing the results as a graph, exportable as a bitmap, an unusual feature I've not seen before. Useful for those Powerpoint presentations, I imagine. You have the usual comparison tables, this week's results as opposed to last weeks, or whenever, so no surprises there. A useful feature is that the software imports a clickable list of all the competition, also, so you can examine them from inside the program. Very handy.

Google Data Centre Checker

Only really useful during dance time, I would think. This displays your site's position for a chosen keyword or words across a series of Google's Data centres. Would you use this? Good for the obsessives but it isn't something I'd spend a lot of time with.

Site Indexation Tool

Fairly straightforward, it apparently queries the "link:" facility on each engine and displays the results. Very handy for comparison though, particularly when you bear in mind how Slurp's been behaving lately.

Log Analyser

Good as far as it goes but it's simply nowhere near as detailed in this regard as WEB CEO. That said, realistically you'd need to have both WEB CEO and Robot Manager to get better stats. Or spend God knows how long learning to get Awstats up and running.

Link Popularity Checker

Excellent. Just what's needed. Probably worthwhile buying for this alone, so long as Google's algo remains as is. You get the source of the IBL, its PR, and the anchor text. You have the opportunity to compare with older tests to see what's new and who's stopped linking. We all know that the Google back link checker is, shall we say, economical with the truth and it can be illuminating to compare results from Google back to back with the results from Yahoo, as you have the opportunity to do here. This is bang on the money.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

The world will always need alternatives to Wordtracker. This feature attempts to provide this by offering results from Overture, Wordtracker (the freebie version which means MSN), the Yahoo Index and something I never heard of called Rambler. I don't really (as yet - haven't used it much) see a great deal of point in this, why not just get a subscription to Wordtracker? But it's early days yet. The related terms tool looks interesting as it draws from ask Jeeves, which has a different way of looking at things from other engines. This could well be a standout feature. I'll probably come back to this.


The little excerpts from your site that get shown in SERPS. A good idea in principle, but you only get results from Google and Yahoo. I'd like to see results from more engines. The principle usage, as it stands, is to compare what's shown for your site compared to what's shown for your competition. There indeed is a very useful feature. If you're no.1 in fifteen search engines and your click-through rate is zero, I'd run a test here to illustrate what people see in the SERPS. Perhaps then you can work out what's so upsetting them. I don't know of another tool like this.

I have to say, for someone starting out, new to the game, or for the seasoned professional who finds that his customary software has undergone an upgrade too far, this is an excellent package. It has a host of features that you want, and it has them to hand in an easy to get cosy with interface. I'll buy it myself, but because I'm already used to using WEB CEO for my logs and IBP for my ranking reports and I'm perfectly happy with them, I'll only really be using the Snippets feature, which so far as I know is unique among the seo software suites.

Fancy giving SEO Administrator a try?
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Two Link Checkers, one free, one not free

A pair of link checkers. The freebie version is ok if you're broke, but I would recommend you try Xenu, which is fine for sites of up to around 300 pages. More than that and it becomes unreliable. Better to buy the licensed version of WebLV, though, as you can go into much more detail about where the links are connected from and you can make a report for further reference.

A Family of HTML Validators (or Linters, more precisely)

The CSE family of html syntax checkers. I use these together with Dave Raggett's HTML TIDY for further code verification.

SpellCheck Anywhere Software

Software to add a spell check facility to almost any Windows program.

So, why are these mentioned, you wonder?

The reason these three types of software are given prominence is because as an SEO these are your three best friends.

An engine needs to be able to navigate your site if it is to index all of it. Check your links! It's important!

All the major engines have at various times asked that sites be validated. I won't go into this in depth as I've covered the subject of validation elsewhere, but I'll just repeat that for a site to rank well then an engine must have confidence in its understanding of your content. It must have faith, for example, that your site is about its intended subject matter and not about really small tables.

If your favourite (favorite?) HTML editor doesn't have spell check built-in already, you'll be needing a program like this or something similar. Why? Because over the web language is our primary means of communication and location. If your site should be about widgets and you've unintentionally built it about wigdets, then your ROI figures aren't going to be quite what you were hoping for.

Here is a

browser add-on

that I like to keep handy for examining new pages. My preference these days is for Iconico's Web Tools Pro. Buy WebTools Pro This amazing program does so much I don't know quite where to start - go and see it for yourself by clicking on the link Buy WebTools Pro to (eventually) get to the free trial version download link.
Web Pro Tools is very cheap for what it is, and I wouldn't be without it.

By way of contrast and supplement, here are two


Too many tables? You'll be wanting to redo the site in CSS then - lot of coding though :-(.

I'm fond of Cascade DTP the CSS editor and I recently came across the CSS Stylizer which looks really nice.