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SEO Consultant

SEO consultant - searching for one you can trust?

Unlike other SEO consultants, I don't ask for huge sums of money up-front. Instead we do business on a monthly pay-as-you-go-basis. Prices will vary according to each site's configuration and SEO needs - but you can rest assured we can arrive at a monthly fee that will fall within most small business budgets.

So, if you know that your goods are the best, your prices are right and your customer service is second-to-none but your web site just isn't happening... follow my advice and between us we can turn it into a moneyspinner.

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Still not sure? Why not go to Google and search for SEO Testimonials?

The benefits of working with an individual SEO consultant

  • When you call me, you don't get "The SEO consultant has just stepped out of the office, will anyone else do?", or "The SEO consultant is in a meeting". I'm the SEO consultant. You get me.

  • You get advice from an SEO consultant who has been on the internet (and this in the UK, not America) since 1993. This means I have rather more internet experience than many other SEOs you may speak to.

  • You get someone who first optimised web sites in 1998.

  • I optimise using my experience, not someone else's software.

  • I've studied SEO in the UK for many years. I continue to do so. I didn't just take a three-day course, dub myself expert and then hang out my shingle.

  • I don't take your money on false premises, like multiple submissions to imaginary search engines and irrelevant directories.

A word or two of caution, though. In SEO, much like Dallas, there is no magic bullet. I can't guarantee you top rankings and I advise you to distrust anyone, SEO consultant or otherwise, who says they can. But I never met a site yet that I couldn't find some way of improving.

SEO Consulting - are you searching for a consultant you can trust?

As an SEO consultant, I can work in several ways. I can rework the site myself personally, or I can put together a list of instructions for your web master or developer to follow so I have no direct personal involvement with the code. In most cases, though, I prefer to do the final hands on alterations myself.

I'll also tell you now that ALL successful SEO comes about as a result of collaboration. If I tell you that your site needs more content, I'll expect you to provide at least the basis of it. If I tell you that your site needs more text content (most do) then while I can suggest topics, you'll have to write it. It needn't be Shakespeare as so long as it's technically accurate I can polish it, but you'll have to write the original material and provide photographs or graphics where needed.

If I tell you that, given the resources you have, optimising for your preferred keywords or phrase is unrealistic in the face of the competition, then you'll have to blame yourself for the lack of success resulting from your insistence that we go ahead anyway.

But if we do work together, in tandem, there's every chance you'll see a significant improvement in your overall search engine positioning. That's why I'm regularly hired as an SEO consultant.





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