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SEO Services UK from Kruse Internet Services

Internet marketing enquiries welcome from the UK and the English-speaking world!

Do you want potential clients to find your site as easily as you've found mine?
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SEO Services - what you'll need.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Link Building
  • Directory Submission SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

Let's go though these for a moment... starting with

Keyword Research - the essential SEO Service

Keyword Research is the most important of all SEO services. If you target the wrong keywords, you won't get the visitors to your site you need, visitors who want your goods and services. It's very likely that because they aren't in the same trade as you they won't use the same terms to search for it that you might think of yourself. The only way to find out what terms they use is to do the keyword research. This has to be the basis for the whole site. Of all the SEO services KIS offers, this is absolutely your best investment.

On-Page Optimisation

Successful on-page optimisation involves externalising javascripts and CSS style sheets, validating most if not all pages, having the keyword/phrase in the file name, hyphenated, in the title tag, the meta description tag, the inbound anchor texts, in at least one outbound anchor text, in an H1 tag and sprinkled liberally in the text! You'll find just about every page on this site has been properly on-page-optimised. Important particularly in these days when we seem to be approaching an economic depression when links from sites will be disappearing together with the companies that support them.

SEO Copywriting

Writing copy that's SEO'd is more than simply a matter of simply repeating keywords and phrases over and over. The Google algorithm will want to see your keywords inside recognisable and grammatical sentences. Google loves to see text content related to the theme of your site, and adding some to any site is very likely to result in an improvement in your search engine rankings.

Inbound Link Building (IBLs)

One of the ways Google can tell what your web site's about is by the anchor text in the links to it from other site. If a site links to another site using "Search Engine Optimization and Consultation" as the text you click on in the link (the anchor text), the likelihood is that's what the other site will be about. Inbound links (links to your site) can come from blogs and forums but the most useful are those from sites related in theme.

Directory Submission SEO

Links can also come from directories but from the vast majority they're useless. A link can have value in two ways, it can bring you traffic or it can bring you prestige. Links from the majority of directories out there will bring you neither. Realistically there's only any point listing your site in some speciality directories and very discerning directories that because they're discerning, have prestige. KIS can advise you where to make the best directory submissions.

White Hat SEO

Sometimes known as organic SEO, white hat SEO UK simply means following best practice in SEO procedures as opposed to using black hat spamming techniques like hidden text etc. KIS has always performed white hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization and SEO are of course, the same idea expressed differently - a lot of people don't realise!

DIY or Do-It-Yourself SEO

If you fancy having a crack at it yourself, go ahead by all means. I'm happy simply to offer advice and just be your SEO consultant.

How it all comes together;

Unlike other SEO services in the UK, I don't ask for huge sums of money up-front. Instead we do business on a monthly pay-as-you-go-basis. Think in terms of £2500/£1000 (two hundred and fifty to one thousand UK pounds) a month for a small business. Prices can vary according to each site's configuration and SEO needs but in general whatever your needs you can rest assured we'll arrive at a monthly figure that will fall within most small business budgets.

So, if you know that your goods are the best, your prices are right and your customer service is second-to-none but your web site, it just isn't happening... follow my advice and between us we'll make it happen.
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SEO SERVICES - what's this going to cost?

What kind of site do you have? Prices will vary according to each site's configuration and SEO needs - and don't forget that some of you will have your own preferred coders too, so with yourselves I'd be working purely as a consultant. I understand the nature of small business - I am one myself! - so you can rest assured we can arrive at a monthly fee - generally between £250-£1000 per month - that will fall within most small business budgets.





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